The Drive In

Drive In2

There is a wonderful thing in America that is slowly dying, The Drive In.  We are lucky to have 5 left open here in Washington (there were 11 Total, but 6 have since “Gone Dark”) and 2 of them are within driving distance to my family.

This Saturday, I took my girls to visit my Dad who happens to live not far from one of them.  Because it’s over an hour away and the movies don’t start until after the sun goes down, we opted to sleep over at his house.

I digress though.

A normal trip to the theater for my family to see ONE movie can cost upwards of 50.00 USD for JUST the tickets!  At the drive in though, we have the option to see 2 movies for about 33.00 for 4 people.  We also can wear pajamas, bring in some dinner and goof off before the movies start.

The Rodeo Drive In has play grounds at each of their three screens and they show First Run movies!  This weekend for us was Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as well as Beauty and The Beast.

We went with my little brother as Teddy Bear was out of town visiting his dad and we had fun!

Before we went, we stopped off at a Dollar Tree and nabbed some shower caddy’s.


I tried to find a picture of them on the Dollar Tree site, but alas my search was in vain.  I originally got this idea from Pinterest though so that’s where the picture comes from.

These things are great to take to the theater and they come in 3 colors!  I put popcorn in one section (didn’t buy the little popcorn buckets) and candy in another then their drink was held in the smaller section.  This kept our in car mess to a minimum (although my brother was a bit perplexed by why I was getting them.

We then headed out to Bremerton and paid to get in, turned our stereo to the station they told us to be on and got parked.

While my brother took The Bean down to the playground, The Voice and I went to get our popcorn and drinks.  For a large popcorn, Icee, 3 medium drinks and 2 pretzels was 38.00.  Again, WAY less than going to a regular theater.

We had our blankets in the car to keep warm and snuggly and had a nice view of the screen!

Drive In

It was a fun filled night that we all enjoyed!  I really wish that Drive In movies would make a huge comeback!

When they originally opened in the 1950’s, there were over 4000 of them across the U.S.  Sadly now there are only about 330 left.   If you want to know if there is one open near you, go to you will find a list of remaining drive in’s as well as the address and possibly their websites.

Introduce yourself again to a little nostalgia!


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