Keep Running….

I realize I should have already posted the second half of our overnight trip to Seattle and filled you guy’s in on the Underground Tour, but I’ve had a lot of things going on right now.

I always feel like I’m running.  Running forward, running around to get things accomplished, I feel like I’m running when I’m sitting still!

When I first started this blog, I said that there were some changes going on in my life.  The first big change is I’m getting a D I V O R C E.  (Like spelling it makes it any easier right?)  At the same time I’m working on getting all the papers for that signed, my soon to be ex-husband is buying a house.  This means I am looking for a place to move into.  All while I’ve been handling both of those things, I have been applying for positions closer to home.  Recently I was offered a position that would take my commute from 2 hours a day to 1 hour a day.   I’ve felt like I’ve been doing so much running that apparently my nylons have begun to feel the strain.  This morning there was a huge runner (read hole) in them.

There are mom’s out there who feel like they don’t do enough for their kids/families and I am one of them.  I could stay home and take care of everything and still feel like nothing was accomplished.  I work away from home though and still do my best to take care of the cooking and the cleaning and still feel like I’ve literally done nothing for my kids.

Then I stop and take a minute to remember the trips I plan for our weekends.  I’m teaching my kids to love their environment.  I’ve taken them to study Washington State History, see how blown glass art is made, taken them under the city of Seattle to get a glimpse of how much things have changed.  I’ve taken them to mountains and lakes.

Parents in general are always running.  Running to beat traffic, running to make it to events, it’s like we never stop.

Remember to take time, not just with your children but with yourself to enjoy life!  Make time for day trips, overnights, weekend trips, vacations (even the small ones).  Embrace the way we used to travel before flying became popular (Road Trip!) and embrace camping because there is nothing more amazing then when your child looks at an animal or a tree in a whole new light.

Remember to embrace romance!  Remember to embrace yourself!

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”  Auntie Mame




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