Baseballs and Bunnies pt.1

Friday was a very busy day for us, even with me getting off work early.  I left at 1 p.m. and was doing my best to get to a job interview at 2 p.m which I ended up being late for thanks to car accidents.  After getting out of there, I rushed home and was relieved that we had opted to ride the Sounder into Seattle as opposed to driving.  After changing and grabbing our coats and other Mariners gear, we were settled on the Sounder…


I really enjoyed the train ride into Seattle for several reasons.

  1. It was only 14.00 for the three of us to ride one way to Kings Station which was very close to SafeCo Field.
  2.  It was a fast ride.  We got on the 4:30 train and were in Seattle by a little after 5 p.m
  3. No sitting in traffic!

After walking a few blocks, we passed through the gates (after getting our tickets scanned) and wet up to the Club Level to find our seats.

Both girls were REALLY impressed, especially when I informed them that to move through the various levels we would need our tickets to come back to our section.  They kept saying we were “VIP’s” and that everything was really cool, especially our view!


This was the Bean’s FIRST ever Baseball game and I wanted her to have a good view so I could fill her in on the rules and how things worked.  I think she was more impressed with the monitors that displayed stats and occasionally showed people dancing or kissing in various sections.

We walked through a few parts of each level to decide what we wanted to eat and to find the Kids Club area to sign them both up as Junior Mariners.

This is something completely free that they do at SafeCo, kids can get a bag with a ball and lanyard with a card that holds their name.  Parents also get notifications about special things that they do for kids.

Friday night was Ken Griffey Jr. Statue night, so all three of us got mini replicas of the statue they erected outside of the stadium.  What we didn’t know was that Ken Griffey Jr. was actually at SafeCo field that night!

The Voice was very impressed!


We had finally gotten to our seats and I had finally gotten our food (Chicken Strips and Fries for the Bean, Cheeseburgers and Garlic fries for The Voice and I), stood for the National Anthem and were getting situated when they announced that he was there and would be throwing out the first pitch of the game.

Side note about food at SafeCo field;

The lines can get very long but are very much worth it.  The cheeseburgers are delicious and loaded with toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion) but you have to get your own condiments.  Garlic Fries and French fries come in a huge container that is more than enough for one person.   They offer Sushi, Vegan and Gluten free items, ice cream, dipping dots, they have several bars and even have a soft drink cup with bottomless refills ($11.00).  A new menu item this year is roasted chili lime crickets, they were $4.00 for one little container and were selling out FAST.  There was a guy in our section who let me try one, it didn’t taste horrible more like a corn nut but It’s not something I would do again.

There are 9 innings in a baseball game.  We made it to 6 before the cold finally started to get to us.  By this time Teddy Bear had already checked into our hotel for the night and was making his way to us, but in the wrong direction!

Considering the girls wanted to go swimming and he was told the pool closed at 10:30 and it was a little after 9 p.m. the girls decided we should beat the crowds and head out.

We left the stadium and started walking before coming across a Pedi-Cab/Rickshaw driver.  I asked him how much to get to the Marriott Pioneer Square and he said $20.00 which was a steal in my eyes.  It was cold and my babies were ready to get where they wanted to go.  So I called Teddy Bear up and told him to head back to the hotel as we got a lift.

I’m really wishing I had taken pictures of the inside of this hotel.  You walk in and the floors are Marble and beautiful.  You can tell that Marriott tried to do some more modern updates, but they don’t clash with the history in the building.  Our room was a corner room, not far from the elevator with a huge king size bed and a pull out couch.  If anything my only complaint was that their alarm clock only had charging options for the really old IPhones and I have an IPhone 7.

We sent the girls to the bathroom to change and we all got dressed and went down to the basement to swim in the pool.  Although it was heated, it was a little to cold for my liking so I went up to the room to change into something warm and came back down to watch them swim.

We were in bed a little after 11 p.m and fast asleep.  The Bean and I were up early (not entirely sure why, could have been our stomachs growling) and patiently waiting for the spot we had chosen for breakfast to open.

Biscuit Bitch (yes that’s the real name) was literally just around the corner and up one block from the entrance to our hotel.


If you check in using Yelp!, you get 20% off your entire order and a sticker.  The Bean got a biscuit with butter and jam, The Voice got a biscuit with egg, bacon and cheese, Teddy Bear got biscuits with gravy, jalapenos, sausage and eggs and I got biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs and grits.

image1 (1)

We got beverages from Starbucks (also across the street from our hotel) and used my Starbucks card so breakfast for the 4 of us was only 27.00 (rounded up because I don’t remember the change) and was very much worth it.  Although the space is small, the staff is friendly, the decor is interesting but inviting and the music is jumping.  The biscuits themselves are flaky and hot out of the oven, everything is made to order so there can be a bit of a wait but again it’s well worth it.

After breakfast, we all got dressed and packed up our overnight bag and then walked to where he had parked the car.  We paid for parking until 1:30 which was 20.00 and some change.  While taking our items to the car, the attendant thought we were leaving.  Because there was no attendant the night before, Teddy Bear was a little confused as to how it would work.  We showed the attendant our voucher and he said when we were ready to leave to let him know and he would let us out.  So we stowed our bags in the car and walked over to Pioneer Square to go Underground…


We had never done this tour before but were always interested in some of the History of the City of Seattle.  It was 54.00 for the 4 of us and is a 75 minute walking tour that’s full of history and jokes.

I have some pictures to share and some antic dotes as well, but will have to get back to that shortly.  Stay tuned!



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