Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

Common Friday!

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while now….well since Teddy Bear bought myself, the voice and bean tickets to see the Mariners play.

Just last week he had me book a hotel in Seattle for us for the night and recently informed me that we will be going on a tour of Underground Seattle!

Seattle was a thriving city on the water until 1889 until a fire destroyed what had been built.  They decided to build on top of what had been destroyed though and then it was forgotten about until 1954 when this guy named Bill Speidel decided to try to help restore the historic Pioneer Square (it’s got that beautiful glass pergola that people went ape on when the Seahawks won the Superbowl) as it was falling into disrepair.

He and his wife did some “digging” pun intended and found out that after the fire, they opted to use only masonry work as the originals contained wood and another fun fact, the land the city was built on was basically a tidal flat area.  So when it rained (as it does often here in the PNW) kids, dogs, and wagons would get stuck.  Retaining walls were built on either side of the old streets and filled in.  They then built on top of that leaving everything as it had been.

Now people pay money go to see what was.  I’m excited that we will be one of them.

So common FRIDAY!



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