Mariner Madness

Full Disclosure: I am a HUGE Baseball Fan!

I’ve lived in Washington for 5 years now (I only know this because XFinity sent me 5 free On Demand Rentals for 5 years of service) and have been to 2 Mariners Games so far.

Eventually I would love to become a season ticket holder, but that will have to wait for a while as there are large changes coming into my life in the next few years.

I love everything about our local Baseball Stadium (SafeCo Field) though.  I could honestly feel at home at ANY American Ball Park (My goal is to one day see the Red Sox play at their home field) but considering this one is close to my home, this has become my team.  They don’t always win, but they put up a good fight!

Next weekend, I get to leave work at 1 p.m. to go home and get my kids ready to go to the ball park.  What they don’t know yet is that we will be staying overnight in Seattle.  I’m sorry but the game is at 7 p.m and won’t be done until 9, then there is getting home (over an hour with traffic).


This is a picture of traffic from Tacoma to Seattle.  I took it on the way to my first game with my Baby Brother and my Mom.  I do NOT want to fight this stuff at all so I’m seriously considering parking at a commuter lot and taking the express bus into Seattle with the girls.  Not only will I save money on parking but someone else can do the driving and I can spend more time interacting with them.  Bonus I will save money on gas!


Here I am at my first game!  It was in May in 2015.  Our seats were on the first level, right in the sun but we could have caught a pop fly had it come in our direction.  The great thing about this section is when they are warming up, if anything goes flying to the stands and you catch it you keep it.  Call me a little kid but another goal of mine is to catch a fly ball.  I bought my first Mariners item because of these seats….the hat on my head.


Then in August of 2016, I went with my two Brothers and Mom to see the Mariners play the Anaheim Angels.  Yes, I come from a crazy family and yes, one of my brothers is pretending to pick his nose while the other gives me bunny ears.  This game just happened to be not only a Bobble Head Game (you get a bobble head of a player) but it was a celebration of Ken Griffey Jr’s time as a Mariner.   Everyone got Jersey’s with his name and number.

Our game night lands on Griffey Replica Statue night and I honestly can’t wait to share pictures from our commute to Seattle, the game, the food and the hotel with all of you!



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