School Projects and Sightseeing

The Bean had her Parent Teacher Conference on Tuesday.   I’m very proud of this little girl!  She is doing well at math and working on her reading and get’s high accolades from her teacher!

I was made aware of a project they are doing in regards to Natural Disasters that is going to be due at the end of Spring Break.  She was going to go with Flooding but instead opted to go with Volcanoes!

We are lucky enough to live near 2 of them (I know how crazy I sounded right there) so she can visit, learn and teach her class.

I have decided that this weekend we will go to Mount Saint Helen’s so she can see just what happens when a volcano erupts.  I know I talked about a weekend trip for this, but education trumps anything else.

Stay Tuned next week for pictures from the Mountain and places we stopped to snag some grub along the way!


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