If It Looks To Good To Be True….

It more than likely is.

The other day I was looking through my Facebook when I noticed a woman I went to High School with was excited to find a “deal” to Vegas for less than $180.00 per person.  This deal also included 2 tickets for Cirque de Sole!  I was even impressed but something felt off about the whole thing, so I checked out the site she had linked.

The whole site reaked  of one of those time share schemes to me, so I asked around with a few other travel agents.  I said it seemed very sketchy to me and I didn’t want this person to be scammed.  Just as I thought, the other agents confirmed it was a HUGE scam.  I let her know that as a Travel Agent it didn’t seem quite right to me and that if she wanted I would be more than happy to run the numbers for her.  That’s what I do.  I run numbers free of charge to get my clients the most bang for their buck.


My point is this, be wary of “deals” on social media, because more often then not the deal isn’t that great.




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