Weekend Explorations on Hold

They were this past weekend at least.  The weather would have been perfect for taking the girls to Mount Rainier to play in the snow and maybe explore a new part of the mountain.

Two things happened to put a halt to those plans though…

  1. The Bean came down with a case of Tonsillitis on Thursday.  I called out to stay home with her Thursday and got her in to see her doctor on Friday.  She was a little upset about being sick because she LOVES P.E (aka Gym or Physical Education) and because it’s the start of Girl Scout Cookie Season.
  2. Due to it being Girl Scout Cookie Season and I have 2 Scouts, we had to put any exploration plans on hold for a few weekends.   One of my girls wants to design her own Converse Shoes which is 500+ boxes while the other just wants to participate and earn badges.

Thank goodness there is still snow on the Mountain in April though!  Since my family dynamic started to change in September of last year, we will be exploring new parts of Washington (and the globe) with the Grumpy Teddy.  His job takes him ALL over Washington (and a few other states) so he sees some pretty amazing things and then asks me if the girls and I would like to go there.

Normally, the girls and I go up to Paradise

We drive through the winding roads that come from the Nisqually entrance and still have our mouth’s become agape at all the beautiful scenery.  Then we park at the top where the Lodge is.  Someday I’m going to stay here, even for one night.  The inside of this building is BEAUTIFUL with it’s large fireplace, comfy chairs and huge log beams reaching to the ceilings.

While it’s still part of Mount Rainier, another side that I’ve never been to is called Crystal Mountain.  This is where everyone goes to ski or snow board.  I just want to take a gondola ride and see the view.  Summer3-Callout

Because of Girl Scout activities though, it will have to be put off until April.


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