Disconnect to Reconnect

Cell phones, iPads, Tablets, hand held devices of any type!  They are beginning to drive me crazy!   We can’t go anywhere (grocery store, dinner, Girl Scout meetings) without one of my girls having something electronic in their hands.  Forget getting their attention for a conversation!  They look at you like you have ripped their world apart if you ask that they actually interact with you instead of commenting on some YouTube Video.

That said, they have been given fair warning that for two nights in late August, they will be sans-electronics.  I hope I’ve given them enough time to mourn and prepare.

Which brings me to where we will be staying for our weekend get away….I haven’t the foggiest idea!

The girls want something with all the comforts of home to include Wi-Fi.  I’d rather something quiet where there is no cable, phone or internet.  At this point I’m looking for a camp ground or an isolated cabin.

There is one location that has cabins with all the comforts of home (beds, hot running water, toilet, stove and yes a TV) but lacks any way for my children to utilize their hand held devices.  I don’t even get cell service out there which to me is GREAT for a weekend!



This is one of the cabins at Copper Creek Inn which is located right next to Mount Rainier (which is so not where we are going!) and it has everything we need/want!

http://coppercreekinn.com/ Check out everything this place has to offer!  I highly recommend the Blackberry Pie/Senior Breakfast Special, home made bread and blackberry butter!

I also came across a site called VRBO that is similar to AirBNB I suppose, only it offers places that are off the beaten path and the prices aren’t that high.  For a pretty cute cabin on Silver Lake (which is a stones throw from Mount St. Helen’s) that has all the comforts of home I may have to consider it and go for it.




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