Earning Gift Cards Just for Driving!

I recently came across this app for my phone while browsing a couponing Instagramer account.  It’s called Mile Up (https://mileup.ai/) and it tracks how far you drive (when you do drive) and rewards you for miles driven.  So far I have earned 2 $5.00 Amazon gift cards that I will be using later in the year for Christmas.  There are also little mini-challenges you can opt to participate in that will earn you extra points so you can earn your gift cards faster!

This next challenge is called “Calling Jenny”.  If you are an 80’s kid like me you know that the band Tommy Tutone gave you Jenny’s Phone number (867-5309) years ago.   If I drive 86.75309 miles in the next week (February 27-March 1) I will get 100 Bonus points to add to my 1171 points I currently have.

The first Gift Card I earned after earning 2000 points, my second was after 4000, and now I think that’s the points needed for each Gift Card.

Aside from Amazon, you can earn cards for Regal, Nike, iTunes, GameStop, Domino’s, Walmart, and Target.

This app has me really excited because one of the weekend trips I’m planning with my kiddos will have me racking up the miles!

I am taking them to Mount St.Helens here in Washington(http://www.mountsthelens.com/visitorcenters.html).  The last time I went was on a vacation one summer while visiting my Dad here!  He only took me to view the observatory and we had a picnic lunch overlooking the lake.  I’m considering looking into something called the “Ape Caves” which are old lava tubes you can walk through.

Years ago, I was taken to the Johnston Ridge Observatory and was in awe of not only how the Mountain used to look but also how much growth had come back.   I’m sincerely excited to share this location with my girls early in the summer (it’s a bit to cold right now to take them there for my tastes).forest-learning-center-view-2009_tn


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