First blog post

Where to begin?  I’ve always been told it’s best to begin at the beginning, so the beginning is where I will start.  

I’ve been a Mommy since 2001 when I brought my first of three (yes three) daughters into the world.  With each child there were various trips.  My oldest who I will call Pokegal, went to Mexico as an infant and then at the age of 1, became a European traveler when my husband was stationed in Germany.  Thevoice (my second daughter) was born in Germany and at 6 months old has a passport stamped with Amsterdam.  She may not remember it, but she’s been to Anne Frank’s house and walked through a busy market that sold various types of Tulips.  The Bean (my youngest) was born in Upstate New York.  Once she arrived, we took road trips to Boston, Niagara Falls (Canadian Side), Washington D.C, Vermont and when she was only 1.5 years old we flew to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Now my little family lives in Washington State.  Since being here we have curbed our traveling bug slightly.  Mostly because Mommy went from being a stay at home mom to working full time.  By day I’m a Medical Records Technician, and by night I’m constantly plotting and planning our next get away.

In 2015 before I went back to work full time, we took a road trip from our home to Anaheim, CA.  What I thought would be an EASY 24 hour drive down (I mean really I drove from Texas to California in 22 hours when I wasn’t even 20!) turned out to be a tad longer.  We spent a week in Southern California, going to Disneyland and Universal Studios.  We had amazing pancakes in West Hollywood (otherwise known as WeHo) at The Griddle Cafe (  and even tried an In and Out Burger (which was pretty good and I grew up with Whataburger in Texas).  All before coming back to Washington.

Pokegal is older now (15 almost 16) and has no real desire to leave her little comfort zone, but TheVoice and The Bean are constantly up for exploring, just like me!

I myself love travel so much that I became an Independent Travel Consultant with Mousehunters Travel.  We are a small agency who specialize in Disney but can handle just about any other location, to include Sandals and various Cruise Lines.

Next year, plans are in the works to return to Florida to Walt Disney World, but there is always a weekend get away on my mind.


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